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Online Sports Betting

The sportsbook is a casino game that gambles with the real-life sports games. Sportsbook is getting famous and most played gambling in the Malaysia. The sportsbook also called as sports betting in the Malaysia. Nowadays, the Malaysia has the online sports betting site to deliver the service to the players. This will save the players’ time by betting through the internet which is fast and efficient.

Online Soccer Betting

The soccer betting is the most famous sports betting event in the world, even the Malaysia. In the Malaysia, they are having two types of the punters of soccer betting – bet for fun and bet to win. Most of the players who bet for fun is the fan of the team, to support them and wishing them will win the game. The soccer betting is the longest gameplay of sports betting and soccer betting is having a lot of patterns of betting into the game.

Maxbet Malaysia

The Maxbet is one of the online sportsbooks, some more Maxbet is leading online sports betting site in the Malaysia. Maxbet Malaysia having nearly 6,000 active members enjoy their sports betting site daily. As they provide a lot of soccer betting matches on their site. Besides, Maxbet Malaysia also offers the higher stake and allow their players to bet larger in the soccer betting.

Various Patterns of Soccer Betting

In Malaysia, that’s not a Maxbet Malaysia provide the soccer betting. Others like IBCbet, SBObet and etc. They are providing the soccer betting as well. But most of them are offering the different patterns of the betting option under soccer betting.

Money Lines

The money line is the most common betting option that most of the online sports betting sites are offering. In the money line betting option, there are two different way to bet on the soccer betting – two ways money lines and three ways money lines.

Two-Ways Money Lines

This is the great betting option on the soccer betting. While betting with the option, if the soccer match is drawn and the bet will become no bet. Meaning the bet become invalidated, so the online sportsbook will refund the stakes to all players who bet on that match. The two ways money line has two outcomes that allow you to bet, either home win or away win. The two ways money line outcome will be like:

Home -110

Away +150

Above is the table of two ways money line. The home always added a minus sign (-) and the away will add a plus sign (+). When you bet home win, you need to bet $110 to win $100. When you bet away win, you need to bet $100 to win $150. If the game comes to draw, the result will be invalid and the wager will refund to the player account automatically.

Three-Ways Money Lines

The three ways money line is similar to the two ways money line. In this money line, they added an extra outcome and become three outcomes in the three ways money lines. Here, you either bet home win or away win or draw. It will like:

Home -110

Away +150

Draw +200

The three ways money line will gain the house edge of the online sportsbook. If the game is drawn and most of the player will lose the bet in the three ways money line.

Over/ Under Betting

This will be an interesting betting in the soccer betting. Before the game start, the bookmaker will predict a total score that combines by both teams. Then the players need to guess the total score will more than or less than the bookmaker predicted. For example, the bookmaker predicts the total score is 2.5 goals. If you bet over, then the game should end at 3 goals or more. If you bet under, then the game should end at 2, 1 or 0. Betting with this, it doesn’t have any strategy but with the luck.

Parlay Betting

In the Malaysia, there are not much of the online sports betting site parlay betting. Parley is the most difficult betting option. It is played with like the accumulate, as the sports betting site allows you to combine wager which is composed out of two or more straight bet. Basically, the parlay betting will compose two and three selection are called double and trebles respectively. In order to win the parlay payout, you need to correctly predict all of the matches you decide. The parley is a difficult method in the soccer betting. It is suitable to those enjoy the high-risk gambling and high-reward.

Future Betting

The future betting is to predict which soccer team will become the championship of the tournament. Usually, the online bookmaker will open for receive the players’ prediction before the large concept of tournament start, like Premier League, World Cup, and European Championship. This is the most difficult method of betting soccer. During the prediction, you are allowed to select a team only, which able to get the champion.


Soccer betting is a very interesting sports betting game. Soccer betting having many methods of betting into the game. Betting with Maxbet Malaysia, they are having a lot of soccer matches on the site every day. The Maxbet Malaysia is more referring to the soccer betting, so they had involved the soccer tournament in the Asia as well.

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