Online Soccer/Football Betting, Online Basketball Betting, and Online Badminton Betting, Which One is More Profitable?

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Other than football, badminton is also a very popular sports game in Malaysia due to the successful career path of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, one of the world-ranked badminton player, which has made the country famous for badminton in the world. However, football is still the most popular sports game in Malaysia afterall. Speaking of the online sports betting game in Malaysia, which one has the most potential to bring you tons of money within the shortest time frame?

1. Soccer/Football Betting

Football betting makes up the big chunk of the world’s online sport betting market and is commonly played amongst online gambling communities. Millions of players are betting on football everyday with each very different and unique betting techniques. Online sportbook makers set the betting odds for each football game every single minute to prevent abnormal gambling activities from happening. From my very own perspective, the only way to win from football betting is to bet with tips generated from football syndicate. Some of the smaller football teams are easily manipulated by syndicates with power as well as prosperity, therefore tips-betting would be considered as risk-free football betting with guaranteed profit.


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2. Basketball Betting

Factors that would affect the final result of a basketball game are considered much lesser compared to football game, as there are only 5 basketball players in a team. With lesser variable factors, basketball game is easier to be predicted therefore higher winning probability to an online sports betting player.
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3. Badminton Betting

There are only limited badminton sports event within a year, and live match is much lesser compared to the above two. There is a risk in betting badminton as remuneration package is typically lower for a badminton player compared to football player and basketball player, therefore a badminton player is easier to be manipulated with the monetary offers from syndicates. As such, it will be better to seek for useful and accurate betting tips for badminton game before placing your bet. Remember, what we want is to maximise our profit with limited wagers, to achieve the highest rate of return from sports betting.
MaxBet Malaysia IBCBet Online Badminton Betting Lee Chong Wei
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