Different Types of Soccer Betting, Ways to Bet on Soccer – Half Time Result & Half Time/ Full Time Result

Different Types of Soccer Betting, Ways to Bet on Soccer

Online Soccer Betting

Soccer betting is an event of sports gambling. Soccer betting is attracted a huge betting interest on the global scale, as the soccer is the most popular sports game. There are over billions of the soccer fans from every part of the world. The soccer sport is a tension and irritation sports game, which the winner team will win the super huge prize and it took the longest gameplay duration to finish a match. During the gameplay, the soccer punter able to bet many different betting on the soccer match. Soccer betting is using the reality soccer tournament as the gambling which the team will win the game and you win the bet.

With raising of the internet, the bookmaker had to change the service and delivery via internet. Betting on the internet, the punters will convenient to place the bet faster and easier. In the online soccer betting, the bookmakers have offered various betting options on the site which the punters able to pick one of the betting option to bet on soccer betting.

Specials Types of Soccer Betting

Most of the bookmakers will offer the similar betting option like money line, handicap/ Asian handicap, and others. But in the soccer betting, they are having others many betting options which are more interesting than those common options.

First and Last Goal Scorer

This will be an interesting soccer betting. As a soccer team has 10 field players able to score a goal and the winning odds for the bet is a large amount. In the first and last goalscorer betting, the bookmaker will display some of the players from both teams. The bookmaker will predict which player has the high probability to get the score, and which of the player will have the different winning odds.

Score Casts

The score casts soccer betting is the most difficult betting option. Before the game start, you have to make a prediction of the first goal scorer and final score. In order to win the bet, you have to correct both predictions. Some of the players like to bet with score casts, as there is a potential big payout. But they do for a side bet and won’t place too much of the wager since it is hard to correct the prediction.


Parlays soccer betting option is the most irritation betting. It needs the players to correct the prediction which team will win the game continuous with a bet. If the player successfully corrects the predictions, it is time to award a huge pay-out. The bookmaker will request two or more continuous predicting the winner. But now, normally they need the players to predict at least three games to win the bet. If you incorrect a prediction, then you going to lose all of the wagers.

For example, you bet a wager on parlays with three continuous predictions. First, your prediction is correct and the second is right as well. But in the third prediction, you had failed. Then you are losing the bet.

Total Goal (Over/ Under)

This will be sound interesting soccer betting. Before every match start, the bookmaker will make a prediction of both team total goals number at the final result. By the time, you have to guess as well but is to guess the total goals number is more than or less than bookmaker’s prediction.

For example, the bookmaker prediction is 2.5 and the game end with total 6 goals. In the calculation of Total Goal use, the total score of 6 goals divides by 2 (6/2 = 3 scores). If you bet on ‘over’ then you win your bet. If you bet on ‘under’ then you going to lose the bet. Because the bookmaker predicts on 2.5 scores and the total score is 3 scores, it is more than bookmaker’s prediction.

Future Bet

Normally, this is happening on the large soccer tournament. The future bet allows the players to bet a team which will be the champion of the tournament. Before a month of the tournament started, the bookmaker will display the soccer betting table on their site for the players to bet on their favorite team which will be the championship of the tournament.

Live Soccer Betting

This will be the most interesting soccer betting option, but there are fewer bookmakers offer the service in Malaysia. The betting option allows the player to bet during the gameplay. It is to predict the action happens soon on the match. Normally the bookmaker will display some options like next team to score, next player to score, time of next goal, next player to be booked, next team have a shot, time of next corner and more. In other countries, most of them are playing with the live soccer betting, as it is the most irritation betting so far.


Although there are many soccer betting options in the world, but the bookmakers will not offer all of the soccer betting options on the site. They will display few of the options for the players to place the bet.

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