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What is Odd or Even Goals Betting?

The odd or even goal betting is one of the commonly used type of betting that allow the football betting players to predict the amount of goals that a match will produce. Only two options are available and they are odd or even number of goals. This is done simply by adding the number of goals at the end of that match. Some of the new bookmaker would not be offering odd or even bet but it is becoming increasingly popular among many football betting players. This type of bet can be tricky as it only take one goal to change your winning bet into a losing bet.
The bookmaker will usually gain only a small edge against the football betting players in odd or even bet. The odds offered for this type of bet will usually be around 1.9. By doing some statistical research before placing the bets, you would be able to figure out the pattern of the team performance in term of goal wise.
The odd or even bet is very common among the experience bookmaker. Many of them are offering great odds for this type of bet.

Why Should I Bet on Odd or Even Goals?

Football betting players that love to deal with only two possibilities outcome for their bet would find the odd or even bet to be interesting. Besides that, if you like statistics, it is possible to make a good profit by doing in depth analyzing on the performance statistic on both teams.
However, the odd or even betting is not for you if you do not like to make statistical analysis before you place your bet. Much research is needed to be done in order to make a decent profit from these bets. Football betting players who ignore the analysis will be left to deal with 50/50 bet outcome whereby you will only get 1.9 times your money back.

Can I Make a Profit Betting on Odd or Even Goals?


Many football betting players had made money through this type of bets. However, most of the common football betting players have won their bets through getting lucky for a period of time. By removing the luck factor, it is still possible for you to make a consistent profit from this type of bets. Though you would need to spend time to do your research and analyze on historical data, previous results, current team form, key players stats, etc. By doing so, you will gain the winning edge in the long run and get a decent sized profit from your odd or even bet.
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