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Asian Handicap Betting

The Asian Handicap betting is increasingly popular among punters around the world. This betting system is said to be better as it would be fair for both the punters and bookmaker. However, punters need to fully understand how the Asian Handicap works before making their bets. It seem like there are no easy way to understand this betting system because there isn’t any straight forward way to explain the ‘Asian Handicap’.
The main use of Asian Handicap is to take away the advantage of the stronger team. This is done to neutralize the ability of both team and this would make the match more exciting to bet with. Using the Asian Handicap system, the stronger team is ‘handicapped’ compare to the weaker team before the start of the game. In theory, this would balance out the advantages and disadvantages of both team. As a result, the chances of winning the match for both side is at 50%-50%.

Who does the handicapping?

I case you are wondering who would be the person in charge of deciding the handicap before the match, the answer is the bookmaker. The bookmaker would analyze each game base on past data; history of past matches, news regarding both teams leading up to a match in relation to injuries, the internal affairs of both clubs, etc; the home advantage; the results of the home team and the away team whenever they are playing at home and away; the current form of each team in general base on recent matches; the fitness level and form of the key players in each team; and the list goes on and on. All of these factors play a huge part in determining of the handicaps and odds.
Bookmakers are smart and in most occasions, they would have a dedicated professional teams working hard to compile all these factors together to come out with the right handicap for each match. Besides that, they will also play mind games in which many of the punters don’t even notice when placing their bets. After all, the main intention is to gain a profit from all games. In order to win bets, bookmaker would use lots of elements including ‘Which way would the punters go if a certain handicap is put on the market?’ In most bets, the punters will go one way and bookmaker would think of a strategy to sway them.
For example, Arsenal playing against Sunderland – the expected handicap would be -2, this also mean that Sunderland coming into the match with a 2 goal advantage. Bookmakers would not go with the obvious route as they might offer -1.5 handicap instead. An unexpected handicap would stir up the betting in the Asian Handicap world. Whenever bookmaker offer an unexpected handicap, there will be many questions in the mind of the punters. They would most probably wonder if the bookmakers have insider information that the punters do not, ‘are there something that I have miss out on?’, ‘this handicap is wrong, and this handicap is fishy.’ All these questions might lead to the wrong judgment from the punters when they place their bets on these matches.

Asian Handicap explained

How does the Asian Handicap really works can be very confusing especially for the beginners. There are a few categories of bets that punters need to take note of before placing their bets. Below are the explanation for each types of Asian Handicap bets.
Level: the 0-0 handicap, this type of bets mean that both team are hard to separate on paper and they have the same capability to win the match. Both team will go into the match with no handicap to their advantage or disadvantage. This is the most straightforward of all handicaps. If Manchester United is playing against Chelsea, a Level handicap would if the match end with a draw, punters will be backing each side to get their wager back. If Manchester United win, punters on Manchester United will win. If Chelsea win, the punters on Chelsea will win.
1/4 : the Quarter handicap, this type of bet is also known as ‘Level Half’ in the Asian countries. This handicap will split the bet between the next closest ¼ intervals.
Example: Monaco vs Lyon AH – 0:1/4
Home Odds – 2.00, Away Odds – 1.90
*You bet $100 on Monaco to win -1/4 AH. To win the wager, you would need Monaco to win the game. If Monaco wins, you would win $100 X 2 = $200. It would mean that you make a bet of $200 – $100 = $100 profit. If a draw occurs, you will lose half of your stake ($50) and the other half ($50) is return back to you. If Lyon wins the game, you lose all your stake.
*You bet $100 on Lyon to win +1/4 A. To win your bet, you would need Lyon to win the game. If Lyon wins the game, you will win $100 X 1.90 = $190. It also mean that you make $190 – $100 = $90 profit. If a draw occurs, you will get half of your stake back and win the other half ($50) at 1.90. It means that you win $50 + ($50 X 1.90) = $145. In total, your bet result in $145 – $100 = $45 profit.

Asian Handicap 0.5

The game start at 0-1/2. The underdog team will go into the game with half goal advantage before the kickoff. Draw option will be eliminated under this type of bet. In addition, there is no money back in any case. You will either win or lose your money.
Example, Porto vs Benfica AH – 0:1/2
Home Odds – 1.85, Away Odds – 2.00
*You place a $100 bet on Porto to win -1/2 AH (we use minus (-) if the team is favored by AH). To win your bet, you would need Porto to win. In any other cases, you lose your money. If Porto wins, you will win $100 X 1.85 = $185. Which mean you make $185 – $100 = $85 profit. If Benfica win or the game ends tie, you lose your money.
*You bet $100 on Benfica to win +1/2 AH (we use (+) if the team is advanced by AH). To win your bet, you would need Benfica to win or tie the game at the end of the match. If any of these occurs, you will win $100 X 2.00 = $200. It would also mean that you make $200 – $100 = $100 profit. If Porto win the game, you lose your money.

Asian Handicap 0.75

With this type of bet, the game starts at 0-3/4. The underdog team will have an advantage with a quarter goal before the kickoff. The Draw option is eliminated. This betting option is different from ¼ AH by a slight exception.
Example : Betis vs Real Madrid AH – 3/4:0
Home Odds – 1.90, Away Odds – 1.90
*If you bet $100 on Betis to win +3/4 AH, you would need Betis to win or draw the game in order to win the bet. If Betis manage to win or draw the game, you will win $100 X 1.90 = $190. This would also mean that you will win $190 – $100 = $90. If Real Madrid win by 1 (0-1, 1-2, 2-3), you will lose half your stake ($50) and the other half ($50) returns. If Real Madrid win the game by 2 or more goa (0-2, 1-3, 0-3), you will lose all your stake.
*On the other hand, if you bet $100 on Real Madrid to win -3/4 AH, you would need Real Madrid to win by 2 or more goals (0-2, 0-3, 1-3) to win the bet. In the event whereby Real Madrid win by 2 goals or more, you will win $100 X 1.90 =$190. Your total profit would be $190 – $100 = $90. If Real Madrid win by 1 goal (0-1, 1-2, 2-3), you will get your half stake ($50) and win the other half ($50 X 1.90). You will win $50 (back) + ($50 X 1.90) = $145. The total profit for you would be $145 – $100 = $45. However, if the game end in a draw or Betis wins, you will lose all your stake.

Asian Handicap -1

Under this betting, the game start at 0-1. One goal advantage would be given to the underdog team. Draw option is again eliminated under this type of bet.
Example: Juventus vs Bologna AH – 0:1
Home Odds – 1.80, Away Odds – 2.05
*If you are placing $100 on Juventus to win -1 AH. In order to win, Juventus have to score 2 or more goals (2-0, 3-0, 3-1). You will win $100 X 1.80 = $180 if Juventus win by 2 or more goals. In this bet, your profit would be $180 – $100 = $80. If Juventus win by 1 goal (1-0, 2-1, 3-2), you will get your money back. If the game end with a draw, you will lose all your stake.
*If you are betting $100 on Bologna to win +1 AH, you would need Bologna to win or draw. If the game end with a win or draw, you will win $100 X 2.05 = $205. Total profit for you would be $205 – $100 = $105. In the event where Bologna lose by 1 (1-0, 2-1, 3-2), you will get your money back. On the other hand, if Juventus win by 2 or more, you will lose your stake.

Asian Handicap in other sports

The name ‘Asian Handicap’ seem like this betting system is only famous in Asian countries. In reality, it is actually one of the top betting system favor by many punters. In Europe, ‘Line Betting’ is being offer to punters and it have the same concept as the Asian Handicap. While Asian Handicap is most famous in football betting, it has now gain popularity in other sports as well such as Basketball, tennis, hockey and more. 

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